Windy City Soaring Association is a non-profit organization (club) dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of soaring (flying sailplanes a.k.a. gliders).

We are based at Hinckley Airport (0C2) in the friendly village of Hinckley, Illinois, situated about fifty miles west of the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago.

Our club owns and operates two tow planes and four modern fiberglass sailplanes. In addition, our members operate a dozen privately owned sailplanes from our airport.

The range of our member’s flying experience includes aviation beginners, seasoned multi rating instructors, cross country experts, and even a few record holders. Several of our members also participate in competitive flying.

We are organized as a working, volunteer club where our members serve as ground crew, tow pilots, ride pilots, safety officers, flight instructors and occasional entertainment. There are a number of families that have joined our organization and find the club environment to be terrific for their teenagers. Youth members as young as fourteen receive top notch flight instruction and find themselves well prepared to take the formal FAA exams when they turn sixteen. Many continue their flying interests beyond their teenage years and decide to follow an aviation career upon leaving high school.

We also have a number of members from the major airlines that find our operation to be a great way to get back in touch with their stick-and-rudder skills instead of using the autopilot. Sticking the landing has new meaning as there are no ‘Go-Arounds’ in a sailplane and we prefer being able to use the aircraft for another flight after they land… Feedback on your landing technique is readily at hand as we have an ample supply of landing judges willing to share their opinions whether you ask or not.

Windy City Soaring is more than a flying club, we are also a social organization. There are a number of formal social events organized by the membership including Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Corn Roast and Chili Fest as well as informal get togethers where we break out the barbeque to relish and relive a great day of soaring.

Visitors, of course, are always welcome to stop by our hangars or club house just to talk with our members about any aspect of soaring. We all love to fly and we all love to talk about flying too.

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