What is the Board of Directors

Windy City Soaring is managed and governed by six members that are elected during the Annual Membership meeting which is held at the beginning of each soaring season. To provide continuity, the terms of the Board are staggered so that every year, three directors are rotated on and off the Board. Terms are two years but a Board member may be re-elected by the membership – there are no term limits.

Following the Annual Membership and Board election, the Board members meet and determine who will fill what role on the Board. Currently, there are three Officer positions:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The names of all Board members are included in the Annual Report that is filed with the Illinois Secretary of State in the spring of each year.

The Board may create from time-to-time, other officials and committees that perform a special function or purpose for the Club.

If a Director leaves the Board before his/her term is complete, a replacement from the Membership may be appointed by the remaining Directors to serve out the remaining term.


Duties of the Board

The Board of Directors is responsible to the Membership for:

  • Flight and Ground Safety
  • Strategic Direction and Club Growth
  • Club Operations & Equipment
  • Membership Services such as tow pilots, flight instructors & ride pilots
  • Outreach Programs including the ride program and social events
  • Determination of membership fees, dues and financial planning
  • Membership Disciplinary Proceedings as may be needed

The Board of Directors is required to meet at least four times a year (we usually meet once a month) at a centrally located venue.  Meetings typically last two hours with the President presiding over the meeting and setting the agenda.  The Secretary makes a record of the topics discussed and decisions reached.  The Treasurer provides financial reports to the Board.  The minutes of the Board meetings are available to the Membership upon request with the exception of any disciplinary discussions or actions.

Election to the Board

Board members are nominated by the Membership during the Annual Meeting and must have the following qualifications:

  • Be a Regular, Family or Youth Member in good standing; and
  • Must have a valid FAA pilot license with a private glider rating.

Election of Board nominees are conducted by secret ballot during the Annual Meeting with the results announced prior to adjournment.

As the Club is a non-profit organization run by its members, all members must become personally involved in the Club and when unsure of how to contribute, ask one of the Directors the best way to do so.  Members are encouraged to consider running for a Board seat as diversity of thought and ideas are important to keep the Club fresh and energetic.

Current Board Slate

  • President : Steve Jones
  • Treasurer : Jeff Sickel
  • Secretary : Bill Freeman
  • Member : Mike Hayles
  • Member : Pete Schumann
  • Member : Christian Reditsch