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SSA Offers CFIG Incentive Scholarships

 | Published on 11/1/2018
The SSA is pleased to announce a new scholarship program for CFI-Gs. This program was kick-started by an initial generous donation from John Weber and others. The goal is to generate more CFI-Gs at clubs, which will then help foster club growth.

The basic elements of the program:

· SSA will offer 13 scholarships for $1500 each to be used to offset applicant’s expenses in becoming a CFI-G.

· The scholarship can be applied toward an initial CFI-G certificate, or an add-on glider rating to an existing CFI certificate, or the re-certification of a lapsed CFI-G certificate.

· The CFI-G certificate/rating must be completed within 18 months of when the applicant is notified of the scholarship award.

· The applicant must be an SSA member and an active member of an SSA Chapter.

· The name of the applicant must be submitted by an SSA Chapter president or chief instructor, along with a letter of recommendation.

· One applicant per Chapter.

· The applicant will provide a brief soaring biography and explanation of what their motivation and goals are in becoming an instructor for their club.

· The Chapter must provide an additional $500 funding to the applicant. This could be in the form of waived club expenses associated with the CFI-G training, and can be paid out by the club whenever the club chooses.

· SSA scholarship funds will be paid to the new CFI-G upon completion of the CFI-G certificate/rating and receipt of documentation from the Chapter confirming the Chapter’s $500 contribution.

· Scholarship recipients will be selected by a small SSA committee created for this purpose and will be awarded to applicants who appear to be a good fit on a first come basis until all 13 scholarships are committed.

· Scholarship applications may be submitted to the SSA office beginning January1, 2019.

Chapters are encouraged to submit applicants who are likely to become active instructors at your club. The ultimate goal is to grow the sport through stronger clubs and better flight instruction/training programs. The scholarships are intended to encourage the development of new club flight instructors. Clubs should select applicants considering their likely effectiveness as teachers/instructors. It is hoped that this program will provide an incentive to individuals who might otherwise not begin their CFI-G training, or are unlikely to complete their current CFI-G training, for financial reasons. It is also hoped that this program will provide an incentive to clubs to encourage their members to become flight instructors.

Ken Sorenson, SSA Chairman of the Board