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SSA eNews 2018.12.17 : CFI-G Scholarships, Electric Contest, and more

 | Published on 12/17/2018


December 17, 2018



CFI-G Incentive Scholarships

The SSA is pleased to announce a new scholarship program for CFI-Gs. This program was kick-started by an initial generous donation from John Weber and others. The goal is to generate more CFI-Gs at clubs, which will then help foster club growth.

The basic elements of the program:

  • SSA will offer 13 scholarships for $1,500.00 each to be used to offset applicant’s expenses in becoming a CFI-G.
  • The scholarship can be applied toward an initial CFI-G certificate, or an add-on glider rating to an existing CFI certificate, or the recertification of a lapsed CFI-G certificate.
  • The CFI-G certificate/rating must be completed within 18 months of when the applicant is notified of the scholarship award.
  • The applicant must be an SSA member and an active member of an SSA Chapter.
  • The name of the applicant must be submitted by an SSA Chapter president or chief instructor, along with a letter of recommendation.
  • One applicant per Chapter.
  • The applicant will provide a brief soaring biography and explanation of what their motivation and goals are in becoming an instructor for their club.
  • The Chapter must provide an additional $500 funding to the applicant. This could be in the form of waived club expenses associated with the CFI-G training, and can be paid out by the club whenever the club chooses.
  • SSA scholarship funds will be paid to the new CFI-G upon completion of the CFI-G certificate/rating and receipt of documentation from the Chapter confirming the Chapter’s $500 contribution.
  • Scholarship recipients will be selected by a small SSA committee created for this purpose and will be awarded to applicants who appear to be a good fit on a first come basis until all 13 scholarships are committed.
  • Scholarship applications can be submitted to the SSA office beginning January 1, 2019.

Chapters are encouraged to submit applicants who are likely to become active instructors at your club. The ultimate goal is to grow the sport through stronger clubs and better flight instruction/training programs. The scholarships are intended to encourage the development of new club flight instructors. Clubs should select applicants considering their likely effectiveness as teachers/instructors. It is hoped that this program will provide an incentive to individuals who might otherwise not begin their CFI-G training, or are unlikely to complete their current CFI-G training, for financial reasons. It is also hoped that this program will provide an incentive to clubs to encourage their members to become flight instructors.

New Contest Concept for Sailplanes with Electric Motors

The success of the FES electric MOP has encouraged significant growth in the number of sailplanes equipped with an electric motor and the development of new systems and installations. The ease of use and reliability of electric motors has attracted a considerable number of pilots and sales of new gliders with electric motors is increasing. There are already more than 150 gliders flying in Europe with electric motors, some with self-launching capability. The ease with which an electric motor can be used has encouraged many pilots to use them in new and innovative ways; this provides an opportunity to explore new ideas to use them in competitions.


Pavullo, Italy will be the venue during the first week of September 2019 for the first ever contest dedicated to sailplanes with an electric MOP.


The contest will include many new and exciting possibilities, including an opportunity for the pilots to use a limited amount of stored energy during the race.


Each race will include an allowance of electrical energy that the pilot can use whenever he thinks appropriate. It could be used to avoid an outlanding or rescue from a low spot, or it could be used to enhance the sailplane’s performance during the flight or on final glide.


The overall scoring will be based on each pilot’s elapsed time, similar to the scoring of the famous Tour De France cycle race. Pilots that do not complete the race will be allocated a time based on the slowest time to ensure they will remain in the overall places during the contest.


The contest is intended to be an opportunity for all E capable glider owners and interested pilots to have some fun and to explore the possibilities of racing with electrically powered sailplanes. The organization will be a joint team from the FAI gliding commission and the Aero Club of Pavullo.


The facilities at Pavullo are excellent for this contest, and you can see the club's location by


Dates: September 1-7, 2019.

Venue: Pavullo, Northern Italy,

Contact: Antonio DI RONZA,

WWGC: Pre-Worlds

We have a team of three women - Sarah Arnold, Kathryn Fohsa, and Sylvia Grandstaff - attending the pre-Women’s World Gliding Championships at Lake Keepit, Australia. The contest dates are Dec. 31, 2018 to Jan. 11, 2019. This is in preparation for next year’s WWGC, which all three plan to attend.

LSA Weight Limit Increase, ADS-B Rebate Reinitiated

A high-ranking FAA source has confirmed that the FAA plans to almost triple the maximum weight for most light sport aircraft to 3,600 lb in rulemaking that will be introduced in January. The source confirmed the scant details of a Facebook post written by AOPA Senior VP of Media and Outreach Tom Haines from the AOPA Regional Fly-In at Carbondale, Illinois. “Great news out of AOPA,” Haines wrote. “In January the FAA will issue a notice of proposed rulemaking increasing max weight for a light sport airplane from 1,320 lbsto 3,600 lbs. And ADS-B rebate will be back again in a few days. More to come.” The FAA source declined to elaborate on details of the proposed rulemaking but suggested more information will be forthcoming “soon.”

EAA Chairman Jack Pelton announced at AirVenture in July that the FAA was planning a weight increase for the class of aircraft, which is now set at 1,320 lb for wheeled aircraft and 1,430 lb for seaplanes. The new limit will capture a wide range of aircraft that now require a minimum of a private pilot certificate to fly. What’s not clear is precisely how the rulemaking will alter performance limits, passenger loads, and weather requirements for LSA operations. AOPA reported EAA Chairman Jack Pelton told the Carbondale event that the new rule “will allow you to fly in a 172, have four seats in the airplane, and fly 150 MPH.” He also said there were plans to allow professional builders to assemble homebuilts.

As for the ADS-B rebate, it will be a repeat of the $500 incentive launched last year that did not attract much interest. “I talked with the FAA administrator yesterday. He was comfortable with me telling you there’s going to be another $500 rebate,” the AOPA report said. AVweb has contacted industry leaders about the proposed change and the new ADS-B rebate program and will update this story as they get back to us.

Glasflugel Airworthiness Directive, Effective Nov. 13, 2018

The FAA has released an AD related to Glasflugel gliders with a CG tow hook and using winch launches. For further details, refer to the reference number. — Editor, Soaring

2018-21-04 Glasflugel: Amendment W-19462; Docket No. FAA-2018--0891; Product Identifier 2018-CE-038-AD.

Applicability:This AD applies to Glasflugel Models Club Libelle 205, H 301 “Libelle,” H 301B “Libelle,” Kestrel, Mosquito, Standard “Libelle,” and Standard Libelle-201B gliders, certificated in any category, with a center of gravity (C.G.) tow release installed.

Reason:This AD was prompted by mandatory continuing airworthiness information (MCAI) issued by the aviation authority of another country to identify and correct an unsafe condition on an aviation product. The MCAI describes the unsafe condition as jamming between the double two-ring end of the towing cable and the deflector angles of the CG release mechanism. We are issuing the AD to prevent failure of the towing cable to disconnect, which could result in reduced or loss of control of the glider or the cable breaking and causing injury to people on the ground.

Young Eagles to Soar

GLIDERBOOKS.comis partnering with the EAA to bring glider training opportunities to Young Eagles participants.

Launched in 1992, the Young Eagles program has dedicated more than 25 years to giving youth ages 8-17 their first free ride in an airplane. This first flight opens the door to a complete EAA Flight Plan that includes an EAA Student membership, free online flight training, free first lesson, and access to flight training scholarship opportunities. Sporty’s supplies the free online training for power planes. GLIDERBOOKS Academy will now supply the free online glider training. Young Eagles participants will have access to a one-year subscription to GLIDERBOOKS Academy’s “Fly Gliders! – Young Eagles Glider Training Bundle” which includes courses on glider familiarization, instruments, and aerodynamics. This package is valued at $95.

GLIDERBOOKS Academy has been working with the EAA on the goal of increasing youth interest in aviation. Beginning flight training in gliders allows young people to fulfill their dreams of flying at a younger age and at a lower cost. Students are allowed to solo in gliders at only 14 years old and can get their private license at 16.

With a general decline in the number of people involved in aviation, we hope to increase interest and provide an avenue for these youth to explore all that aviation has to offer.

Tis the Season of Giving

The holidays are here, which means... it's time to think about gifts. Here at the Soaring Society of America, we hope you will consider us during this season of giving, and in doing so, consider yourself and the future of our sport. You can donate at any time, whether that's a one-time donation or recurring; you can even choose how you would like your donation to be used.

Also consider supporting your club, sponsoring a student pilot, becoming a CFI-G, or any of the myriad of ways in which you can give back to our community, and give back to the sport we love.

Happy holidays,


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